Moving to Finland and wondering how to find a suitable rental apartment? We are here to help. We understand how overwhelming moving to a new country is with many things to arrange and figure out. But don’t worry, we have gathered all the essentials you need to know about renting an apartment in Finland – one less thing for you to worry about. Browse through the most common questions and answers.

Where can I find available rental apartments?

This is where Vuokraovi.com marketplace comes to place – with an easy search you can see what kinds of apartments are available in your desired location. Start your search from here. Please note that Vuokraovi.com is not involved in the renting process. Any questions concerning the apartments  should be directed straight to the landlord.

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Who usually offers rental apartments in Finland?

There are several different instances that offer rental apartments:

  • Rental housing companies
  • Private people
  • Municipal rental housings
  • Student housing foundations

Municipal rental housing and student housing foundations have strict criteria on who can apply for a rental apartment as they offer apartments with lower rental costs.

I found the perfect rental apartment from Vuokraovi.com – what should I do?

Always contact the landlord of the apartment. You can find the contact information on the right side of the rental ad. Remember that Vuokraovi.com doesn’t  know any additional information on the rental apartments – the landlord is always the right place to turn to. Some housing companies require applicants to fill in a special application form. The desired way to apply for the rental apartment can be found by asking the landloard of the process.

What kind of documents do I need to have to rent an apartment in Finland?

This depends on who the landlord is. Municipal rental housing instances and student housing foundations require a bit more documents and have higher criteria on who they accept as their tenant. It’s good to be prepared to:

  • show your latest pay slip
  • show a copy of your residence permit or a valid passport if you’re not a citizen of the EU
  • a credit check
  • show a copy of your taxasion decisions, indicating your assets
  • show loan certificate

What kind of rental contract do I usually have to sign when renting an apartment?

First rule is to ask all possible questions about the rental contract straight from the landloard. There might be different practices depending on who the landloard is. It’s very common in Finland to sign a fixed-term rental contract for one year after which it automatically changes to an open-ended contract. Be sure to familiarize with your rights and oblications as a tenant

What is included in the rent?

Rent usually covers just the apartment and all other commodities must be paid separately. Note that it is not common to have furnishing in Finnish rental apartments. What you can expect to find in your rental apartment is kitchen cupboards, fridge, stove, shower, faucets, toilet, wardrobes and hall cabinets. Always check what is and is not included in the rent so you won’t have any surprises later. Be prepared for these payments:

  • Apartment rent
  • Water
  • Electricity (you need to make a contract with an electricity provider yourself)
  • Heating (usually heating is included, but not always – ask your landlord)
  • Sauna, laundry room and parking space
  • Home insurance (you need to make a contract with an insurance company yourself)

Rent has to be paid every month at a given day and it has to be paid via bank transfer to your landloard’s bank account. You can find more info from here

What is rent security deposit?

As a tenant you are obliged to take good care of your rental apartment. When your contract ends there will be an inspection of the apartment and if it’s not in a good condition the landloard has the right to keep some or all of the rent security deposit. If everything is well, you will have all of the rent security deposit back.

You should be prepared to pay a rent security deposit that equals to 1-3 months rent. Usually the payment has to be made before you receive the keys to the apartment.

How can I terminate the rental contract?

As a tenant, your notice period is always one calendar month. Now, be sure to understand how the calendar month is calculated. Let’s say you have given your notice the 15th of April. This means the actual one month’s notice period starts the 1st of May. If you give your notice at the last day of any month, the notice period starts right away and you only need to pay rent for the next month.

Make sure you give your notice in writing. More info on the issue can be found from here

What should I do if there are problems with my rental apartment?

In any questions or problems concerning your rental apartment, always contact your landlord first! The landloard knows which building maintenance company you should contact regarding the issue at hand (a dripping water tap for example). More tips from here.

There you go! Lots of information for one session, but don’t feel too overwhelmed. Just remember to ask the landloard any questions that come to your mind. Once you have started the search process you will notice everything will work out just great!

Good luck with your search and welcome to Finland! Start the search for the best possible rental apartment for your needs here

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